Saturday, 9 June 2012

Wolf might be finding Love.

So here I am, getting really into the fourth book in the Balancer Chronicles, and it looks like romance is in the air. Here's what I'm talking about...

Chapter 1

The Beginning

Kissing Katrina Blake felt really good. Scratch that. It felt fucking incredible! Only one small problem, it was not what Wolf had wanted at all. As of about half an hour ago he was determined to be totally chivalrous—a gentleman—where the fledgling was concerned. What the hell was he doing hurtling though the atmosphere holding her way too tight and glued to her enticingly overeager mouth?
Hold on! Why was pretending he had no clue?
Of course he knew what he was doing. He was taking advantage of her because she made him feel something he was addicted to chasing after. Something that had always eluded him. She made him feel… Dare he think it? Dare he even hope? Oh why not. She, the little minx he had promised to foster in her new life as a balancer, made him feel like he could fall in love. Nice thought. Exciting even.
Of course there was no way that was gonna happen. Balancers couldn’t get that close to each other. Not for long anyway. They almost always developed an aversion to each other once the fledgling grew into their latent powers. It usually took a few years to a decade but he knew, just from these last couple of hours with Kat, that she was going to be one of the rare exceptions. She was probably going to mature even faster than he had. The other downside of being exceptional was that the aversion became stronger than usual. If he were in a betting mood, and right now he was, he’d say that she’d start aching to get away from him in a matter of months to a year. Then again, there was always that tiny chance that she would never develop the aversion.
Yeah right! Who was he kidding? In almost twelve hundred years of existence he’d come across exactly three balancers who had no aversion to the species. They all came into existence round about the same time that he did and no others had been born since. Kat would want to run soon enough and that was as it should be.